Canon MVX330i Camcorder Elura 85 PAL

Affordable Canon MVX330i Camcorder Elura 85 PAL

  • 1/4.5″ 1.33M pixel CCD
  • 18x optical zoom High Resolution 16:9 Mode
  • Image Stabilizer , DiGiC DV
  • SXGA Digital Stills with flash
  • 2.5″ colour LCD with Backlight button

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Looks that thrill
The MVX330i camcorder has the looks to match its performance. The sleek, stylish body sits comfortably in your palm with all of the key controls placed at your fingertips. Its sculpted switches and recessed buttons are natural and intuitive to use, leaving you free to focus on the action.

Small but smart
The MVX330i is super-compact and features a large 2.5″ LCD screen that can be backlit for improved visibility in bright outdoor conditions. An ‘Easy’ switch provides instant ‘point-and-shoot’ filming for when time is of the essence. A Night Mode button allows you to switch to filming in dimly lit conditions immediately without having to access the menu.

Capture every detail
The MVX330i’s 1.33 Megapixel CCD ensures that image resolution is consistently sharp. Colours appear satisfyingly natural with no loss in intensity thanks to Canon’s unique DiGIC DV processor. Electronic Image Stabilisation (EIS) suppresses image shake, keeping your footage steady and calm.

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Canon MVX330i Camcorder Elura 85 PAL