Sony BVV-5 Dockable Betacam SP VTR Recorder / Camcorder

Bargain Sony BVV-5 Dockable Betacam SP VTR Recorder / Camcorder

  • Built-in LTCNITC/User Bit generator and LTC reader with external time code lock capability
  • Full range of machine control provided (Fast forward/Rewind/Play /Stop /Eject )
  • Compact, rugged, lightweight, and low power consumption

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The Sony BVV-5 is a mountable, portable Betacam SP recorder for field production.The BVV-5 docking recorder may be mounted to all Betacam 50P docking cameras. BVP-570 requires a CA-553 camera adaptor; BVP-950 requires a CCA-753 camera adaptor to be used with BVV-5.

With the adoption of the Betacam SP recording format and the use of metal particle tape, the picture quality of the BVV-5 has been remarkably improved over the conventional Betacam recorder. The FM carrier frequency allocation has been raised, which makes improvements in the luminance bandwidth, signal to noise ratio, and other key parameters possible. The BVV-5 is compatible with the existing Betacam format and can use either metal particle tape or conventional oxide tape. The maximum recording time is 30 minutes.

The BVV-5’s rugged construction is designed to meet the demands of almost any shooting environment. The cassette compartment is shielded by rubber to protect it from dust as well as to make it weatherproof. Initial setting function buttons such as time code, etc., are covered by the safety lid to prevent operation errors.

Two AFM audio channels are added, making a total of four channels available. The two longitudinal audio channels are provided with the type-C Dolby(TM)* NR Noise Reduction system. FM modulated audio is simultaneously recorded with the video information by the rotary video head. The AFM characteristics will create new applications in the field. *Dolby is a trademark of the Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation.

SMPTE time code is automatically recorded on a dedicated longitudinal time code tack. VITC insertion is also possible and the insertion position can be selected. A built-in LTC reader is also included in the BVV-5. Real time code clock data can be assigned to the user bit of the VITC or the LTC by selecting the switch on the board.

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