Learn How To Staying In Touch

Staying in touch with home or the office when you are travelling is a top priority these days. Businesses are expanding globally and travelling is becoming the norm of most businesses. This has created an emergence of broadband global area network (BGAN) to help provide a more reliable network connection for people to work and connect remotely. BGAN has helped many international businesses to increase their productivity and competitive edge despite the distance and absence of their workforce from the office.What do we know about this new communication technology? BGAN is a global internet access provided via satellite using portable telecommunication terminals. These portable terminals connect the laptop to the broadband internet in just about any remote locations. No requirements for satellite dishes, the portable terminals are lightweight and small about the size of a laptop. As such, they are very mobile and easy to be carried around. They can be used both indoor and outdoor and robust to withstand the harsh and extreme environments. There are also vehicular systems made up of an interior terminal and discreet tracking antenna mounted onto the roof of a vehicle to provide the connections while on the move. These terminals can support a router or switch device so that users can plug in multiple computers or even VOIP phones that could eventually be used as a mobile office.This network is provided my Inmarsat, the world leader in satellite communications. BGAN uses geostationary satellites to provide almost global coverage. The geostationary location of their satellites means their services will not be easily affected by connectivity outages or any natural or man-made catastrophes. Inmarsat currently operates from their existing 11 satellites to offer seamless mobile speech and data communication all over the world. BGAN service also enables TV broadcasting of all the real-time breaking news from the most distant and remote locations live into the homes of audiences worldwide. In recent months, some news correspondents have used this system to provide live coverage of the political unrest and natural disasters in several parts of the world.BGAN is aimed at providing cost-effective connectivity in remote locations where cellular and wireless data networks may not be available. It works almost anywhere except for regions surrounding the north and south poles. BGAN portable terminals have the capacity to support multiple users with support for data, voice, Bluetooth, Ethernet and the WIFI with a connection speed of 500 kbps. It is either powered by electricity, batteries or even generators. BGAN terminals come with omnidirectional antennas that give it the convenience to set up without much complex maintenance. It can be deployed to function in both aeronautical and marine environments too.BGAN enhances the connectivity of email, internet and intranet access via a secure VPN connection to the speeds of up to 492 kbps over a shared channel while streaming data on demand at rates in excess of 384 kbps. Users can make phone calls at the same time while accessing data applications. They can also send and receive text messages via the laptop up to 160 characters.